Welcome to OUR OWN RESCUE, a contemporary Gifting or Donation Activity purposely designed for everyone’s success.


The concept of people giving gifts to one another dates from antiquity and is seen in many different forms. For example, you are certainly aware of receiving gifts at Christmas and on your birthday or anniversary. You have probably given gifts to various charities, such as the United Way, or at your church fundraising drives for special causes. Gifting activities took hold within the network marketing arena in the early 1970s and have grown immensely ever since. Our unique gifting activity is within that arena. Simply put, in these gifting activities, a community of like-minded people come together to enhance each other’s financial stability and freedom. One thing is absolutely certain- in all these types of gifting activities, both the giver and the receiver experience enormous joy and happiness! Let’s take a look at those wonderful emotions in a mother and her child gift exchange.


There are three cornerstones to how our activity works: 1) affordability, 2) simplicity and 3) wealth attainment.

As noted in our VISION STATEMENT, we are focused on bringing financial security to people all over the world. As many people from all walks of life are currently experiencing financial stress, we purposely made our activity affordable for everyone, having just a one- time cost of only $10 to join.

We made the Steps involved in our activity so simple that a child could understand them. Here are those Steps in a nutshell.

In Step 1, you gather essential information about our activity from several sources, such as our Website that you are currently on and clicking on various information TABS (e.g., HOW IT WORKS, FAQ, ABOUT US), looking at our Video presentation, attending our ZOOM CALLS, and talking to your Referrer to get all your questions answered.

Along with most people who peruse our information, you will undoubtedly be extremely impressed and you will then simply proceed to Step 2 and join our activity by clicking on the JOIN TAB and completing and submitting your information.

Next, for Step 3, you simply send a $10 gift to your Referrer to get the ball rolling.


Our activity involves 2 STAGES, each STAGE having 4 Levels. This is depicted in CHART 1, STAGE 1, above. In the upper left, you see the amounts of the gifts you send for each of the 4 Levels and just below that, where it says YOU, you see the amounts of the gifts you receive for each of the 4 Levels. You begin STAGE 1 by sending that $10 gift to your Referrer, noted on the CHART as your Upline person, and then sending gifts of $20, $40 and $80 to the 3 people above your Referrer, noted on the CHART as Upline 2, Upline 3 and Upline 4, as soon as you join those higher Levels. Each time a person receives a gift, they confirm that by clicking on a Confirm TAB in their Back Office.


Now our activity uses an extremely powerful 3x4 matrix design, having 3 people at Level 1 each sending you a $10 gift, 9 people at Level 2 each sending you a $20 gift, 27 people at Level 3 each sending you a $40 gift and 81 people at Level 4 each sending you an $80 gift, as noted on CHART 1. As seen at the bottom of CHART 1, in green, in STAGE 1, you receive a Total of $7,770 in gifts. As you sent $150 in gifts, you get to keep $7,620. This gives you some really nice walking-around money. But here is where it gets really exciting as you move into STAGE 2 and true wealth attainment.


CHART 2, above, depicts STAGE 2 of our activity and as you can see, it works exactly the same way as STAGE 1. Again, you see what gifts you send at each Level and what gifts you receive at each Level, the Total of gifts received being $77,700. As you sent $1,500 in gifts, you get to keep $76,200! Also, recall that your only out-of-pocket cost was $10; the gifts you are sending come out of the money you have already received as gifts from others.

You continue this simple Step 3 process indefinitely and if you wish, you can even add additional positions for yourself, dramatically increasing your wealth attainment even more. The exhilaration and joy you will experience in Step 3 is indescribable. But perhaps you can glean what that looks like in the below snapshot showing what happened to Tony as soon as he completed both STAGES the very first time. We believe that you, too, will soon be jumping for joy!

Now Step 4 is very important. As we use a 3x4 matrix design, in order to keep the activity moving quickly and smoothly, each member of our community refers at least 3 people to join. This is really easy to do as the low $10 join cost is affordable for everyone worldwide and there are literally millions of people in financial need today. Because this task is so easy, most members of our activity refer many more than just 3 people which, of course, strengthens the whole activity for everyone.

In short, open your heart and be actively involved in helping others in need- they will thank you for it later. Pick up your phone and start calling today!

Step 5 is the best Step of all. Once you have completed Steps 1-4, in Step 5, you simply sit back and enjoy life to the fullest!


Understandably, at just a one-time $10 to join, our activity attracts a lot of people. What really stands out, however, is the type of people who are being drawn to us. The act of gifting, foremost, is all about giving from the heart with a sincere interest in improving people’s lives. We are finding that, in large measure, those are exactly the type of people who are joining us- warmhearted people who really do care about the welfare of others. We have done everything we possibly can to attract such beautiful people to join our community and we actively foster attitudes that are benevolent and heart-centered. We proudly call it the “grandpa-love approach.”

Now pause a moment and take a look at a loving grandpa with his granddaughter, below.

And that is exactly what our activity, truly, is all about!


Now let’s pause another moment and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Have you been praying for a miracle in regard to your personal financial situation? With today’s global challenges. you are certainly not alone.

Well, lo and behold, your prayer has been answered! You are just 5 easy, simple Steps away from total financial freedom.

Join us today! We shall love having you in our supportive, life-changing community.

And YES, Something Wonderful is about to Happen! Embrace it; cherish it to the fullest!


Okay, I like everything I’ve seen and I’ve joined. I am sharing it with all my friends. Is there anything else I should do?

Yes, the answer to that question is remarkably simple:

Dance, just dance!

Be happy and we’ll see you at the top!

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